Monthly Archives: April 2010

Stage Exchange

Here is a submission I made to the Stage Exchange project. I chose to write about the “Understanding what is really important to you” stage:

This is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure that you live the life you love. It can be scary to be totally honest with yourself about what you want most, but once you are, you’ll feel more liberated and free than you’ve ever felt before. It’s worth the time and energy it takes to figure out what is most important to you because it’s an investment – it’ll make your whole life better from that point forward. I am telling you this because I recently did it and my life has been so much better than it’s ever been before – better than I thought it could be. I am filled with so much hope, confidence, openness, acceptance, positivity, energy, motivation, determination and love that I can’t contain it – I want to share this with everyone. That’s why I am writing to you. I want you to be able to feel this, too.

2010 Goals

I am not a fan of the New Years’s resolution. In my head, this term connotes an empty promise, empty words, failure before beginning, and the inability to realize a stated goal. I think this way because people always talk about their resolutions as things they say they will do, but don’t. Because of this, I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution.

The inability of other people to be disciplined and put effort behind their words shouldn’t prevent me from setting goals and trying to improve myself. So this year I decided to set goals for myself. I like goals because there is no implication that they will be met. After declaring the goal, you still must do the work to realize it. Most people make New Year’s goals, not resolutions, because most people don’t actually resolve to do the thing(s) they stated to do.

I drafted my goals for 2010 in early January and thought about them for a few weeks. During that time I was unable to commit to any of them. I didn’t want to commit to something that I might not be able to achieve, and by mid-February I had forgotten about my goals.

It’s now the end of April, almost a full 4 months into the year, and I haven’t been pursuing any of the goals I drafted in January. I am not satisfied with this. But, the past is done and what I can do now is focus on the present and set my intention for the future.

These are my goals for 2010, starting today:

  1. Skydive.
  2. Drink 1 quart of water per day.
  3. Write 1 blog post per week.
  4. Read 1 book per month.
  5. Publish an iPhone app to the App Store.
  6. Move to Japan.

My goals are set, but they are not resolutions. There is no guarantee that I will meet these goals. Now it’s up to me to do the work, to show that there is iron in my words.