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As last week dragged on I felt unproductive and generally like I didn’t have my shit together.

So I took Thursday off to handle a bunch of undone tasks that were weighing on me, causing me to be distracted at work, and hampering my nomadic lifestyle. After making a trip to the DMV, returning cable Internet equipment, organizing my car trunk, and knocking out a handful of other small errands, I began to feel much better, like I knew what I was doing.

Friday I returned to work and made significant progress in the codebase.

After the upset comes the reset.

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YOUtopia was awesome. It was a magical, playful, freeing weekend in the mountains. I built my first theme camp, danced hard, breathed deeply, communicated, and fell in love with myself.

I’m back in the default world but don’t want to be. Instead of sleeping on the couch last night, I pitched my tent in the backyard and slept there.

The festival was a convenient way to distract myself from the fact that everything in my life has been upset.

cause disorder in (something); disrupt

My behavior, comfort, emotions, friends, habits, location, organization, privacy, and work are all upset. (Yes, even the codebase is upset right now.) Everything requires thought, nothing just happens because that’s how it happens. There is no inertia to follow.

Lack of inertia is a blessing. It’s also a lot of work, physically and emotionally draining.

I need to show myself extra kindness and compassion right now.

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Becoming a Digital Nomad

I am becoming a Digital Nomad.

What does this mean?

It means that I’m at a point in my life where I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work and travel at the same time.

I do not have the constraints of children, pets, possessions, property, relationships, or working at a specific physical location. Now is the perfect time to move.

As a freelance video game programmer, I work remotely and enjoy regular employment with a small game company. My laptop and an Internet connection are all I need to do my job. The presence of coworking spaces make it easy and comfortable for me to work in many urban areas.

I’m renting a storage unit for the few possessions I don’t want to part with yet. The brewery equipment is living in the attic of a house occupied by my friends in Echo Park. Everything else I need to live fits in my car.

I am fortunate to have wonderful people in my life who are willing to host me in their homes. When I am not staying with them, I have the terrific opportunity to build new relationships via the Couchsurfing project and Airbnb. Camping is also an option.

My team and I are working to secure a publishing deal that we need to finish our game. My intention is to be a Digital Nomad until we secure a deal or fail. If we succeed, I can continue to travel, or stop, while we finish the game. If we fail, I’m perfectly poised to move where my work takes me.

While I am traveling, I will be working hard to develop Bushido Brewery. I will be doing research, developing the business plan, touring breweries, and making connections with amateur and professional brewers. When possible, I hope to stay with brewers and brew together!

I am moving out, but not moving in. I am jumping without knowing where I will land. I am intentionally creating room in my life for improvisation, serendipity, and the unexpected.

Tomorrow, the day before my 28th birthday, is my first day. I’m starting off with a bang by attending YOUtopia, San Diego’s Regional Burning Man Event. )'(

I’m ready for a daring adventure.

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