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Weeks 5 & 6: San Francisco

November 18th marked one month into my life as a Digital Nomad. During that first month I attended YOUtopia, lived in a tent in the backyard of my friends’ house, and worked at three coworking spaces in Los Angeles. Now I am making my first jump: to San Francisco!

For the next two weeks I will be staying on a boat moored on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, then with a coworker in the Mission, and finally at a hacker hostel in SF’s Chinatown neighborhood. I am very excited for this jump.

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Coworking Retrospective: Week 0 – NextSpace LA

Week 0 was my last week of tenancy at my old apartment when I had no furniture and was unable to work from home. For three days that week I worked at NextSpace LA, located right in the heart of downtown Culver City.

NextSpace Culver City is an energetic space with many members. People are often coming and going and making phone calls. This gives the space a very lively, active vibe and it feels like a lot is going on. This is exciting, and if you’re easily distracted, headphones are a must in the cafe (common) area.

The location is great! NS:LA is within walking distance of a post office and lots of bars and nice restaurants, many boasting a respectable craft beer selection. To top it off, there is a farmer’s market that pops up every Tuesday afternoon, literally on NS:LA’s doorstep.

NextSpace really feels like the center of Culver City.

Of the coworking spaces I’ve visited so far, this one has the most expensive drop in rate at $30 per day. However, you get what you pay for, and NextSpace LA is a high-quality space in a great location utilized by many enterprising, interesting coworkers. I recommend it.

NextSpace LA’s Website¬†– NextSpace LA on Yelp


After one week of camping at my friends’ house I decided to clean it up.

On Sunday I de-MOOP’d the driveway, front yard, and back yard. I collected enough MOOP to fill a plastic grocery bag. Among the many unidentifiable pieces of trash, a few items caught my attention: a Lego person, two bottles of unopened rum, a spade, and surgical scissors.

Being a Burner means that I leave my camp cleaner than I found it, and MOOP duty isn’t just for the Playa or other Burner / LNT events. My life is a LNT event, at least as far as MOOP is concerned. This is a crucial part of keeping the Burn alive every day.

Photo Oct 27, 16 10 15

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Choosing Not to Brew

Bushido Brewery is receiving a ton of enthusiastic support from friends. They encourage me to brew, participate eagerly in brew days, and look forward to new beers. During the last few weeks, one friend has been eager to create and brew a new recipe with me before the end of the year.

Saying “no” to brewing is hard. That’s what this open letter is about. I’m sharing it to provide some perspective on the philosophy of Bushido Brewery and my current nomadic journey.

Hey Greg,

I have decided that I will not brew Borgia with you this year.

I really want to craft this experimental beer with you. I have given this a lot of thought, and it is clear to me that while it would be fun to brew together and produce a delicious beer we could share with loved ones during the holidays, brewing it now will not advance my most important priorities and will in fact get in the way of some of them.

So, let’s postpone this recipe and plan to brew it next year.

To be clear, it’s not just Borgia to which I’m saying “no.” I’ve decided to not brew anything else this year. I’m going to complete the batches already in the production pipeline and that will be the end of the 2013 brewing season for Bushido Brewery.

One priority in particular, to take full advantage of my nomadic lifestyle and push my comfort zone in order to have more spontaneous, serendipitous, and improvisational experiences, directly conflicts with the time and scheduling commitments that are required to brew a product that meets the high level of quality on which I insist.

Brewing beer to the Bushido Brewery quality standard requires formulating the recipe, acquiring the ingredients, and preparing the batch starter days in advance of brew day. This advance planning takes time during the week, and brew day occupies almost a full day on a weekend. Such time commitments tie me to LITAS, and while staying there is familiar, comfortable, and lovely in general, I haven’t setup my life in its current configuration with the purpose of staying in situations that are familiar and comfortable.

In addition, the most effective way to move towards realizing the dream of Bushido Brewery, sharing the product, and disseminating the culture, is not to brew right now, but to work on the business plan, clarify the vision, and prepare for investment, scaling, and commercial production. While brewing is an intensely rewarding collaborative and creative activity, it requires a lot of time and leaves less energy for developing the business itself, which is a necessary component for Bushido Brewery to be realized in its most amazing and influential form.

Brewing is super fun and something about which I am passionate. It would be easy to use it to avoid doing something hard. I won’t brew because I’m hiding from something.

Let’s celebrate and enjoy what we’ve made together in 2013, and look forward to brewing Borgia together in 2014.

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