Coworking Retrospective: Week 0 – NextSpace LA

Week 0 was my last week of tenancy at my old apartment when I had no furniture and was unable to work from home. For three days that week I worked at NextSpace LA, located right in the heart of downtown Culver City.

NextSpace Culver City is an energetic space with many members. People are often coming and going and making phone calls. This gives the space a very lively, active vibe and it feels like a lot is going on. This is exciting, and if you’re easily distracted, headphones are a must in the cafe (common) area.

The location is great! NS:LA is within walking distance of a post office and lots of bars and nice restaurants, many boasting a respectable craft beer selection. To top it off, there is a farmer’s market that pops up every Tuesday afternoon, literally on NS:LA’s doorstep.

NextSpace really feels like the center of Culver City.

Of the coworking spaces I’ve visited so far, this one has the most expensive drop in rate at $30 per day. However, you get what you pay for, and NextSpace LA is a high-quality space in a great location utilized by many enterprising, interesting coworkers. I recommend it.

NextSpace LA’s Website – NextSpace LA on Yelp

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