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Jump #2: Bye Portland, Hi Seattle

Dear Portland,

You are awesome. I’m so glad we got to share a month together. We get along so well! I’m really happy about that. Our time was rich with experiences and I am very appreciative of that.


My hypothesis that we might live well together has been confirmed. Alas, it’s time for me to go. I’m excited to make this transition – to do what I set out to do – but I am really gonna miss you.

Definitely see you later.


Hey Seattle! Long time, no see. What’s new? A lot has changed with me, and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Let’s catch up!


First things first, though: set up camp.

Japan: The Wait is Over

My first visit to Japan was for nine days. I took only a backpack and had never traveled so light. I didn’t speak any Japanese and started learning on the plane. I explored Tokyo and Kyoto, had an inspiring time, and have been dreaming of my return ever since.

Of the traveling I’ve done, only two trips affected me so profoundly that I cried frequently for months afterward when I reflected on the emotional intensity of the experience and the impact on my life. One of those trips was to Black Rock City. The other was to Japan.

At the end of my visit I stayed for one night at the Tokyo Park Hyatt in Shinjuku. In my hotel room I found a small bottle of Hibiki 17yr, which I kept, brought home, and decided to save.

“I will open this bottle when I buy my next ticket to Japan,” I told myself.

That was five years ago.


Now, the wait is over. I bought my plane ticket, so it’s official: I am returning to Japan! This is my first international move as a digital nomad.


I will live in Tokyo for one month, staying in Nakano, working in Shibuya (one of my favorite neighborhoods) just blocks from the famous Shibuya Crossing! I am so excited.

And it’s time to open that whisky.




Portland has been packed dense with experiences and writing became lower priority for a bit.

Writing is challenging for me. I like my work to be perfect and it takes a long time to compose even short posts.

I’ll just try to do here what I do with software: ship early, ship often.

This week is my final week in PDX. I am excited to uproot, plant, and reconnect – to do the second iteration of the core loop of my nomadic journey.

It will also be hard to leave. I’ve connected well with Portland.

Next week: Seattle.