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First Picture of Seoul

Picture is from my hostel, third floor, looking out the window at the head of my bunk. I’m in a part of the city called Mapo-gu.

Seoul reminds me of London because it has a river that runs through it like the Thames. Pictures of that later for sure.

Time for a brief nap, then freshen up, and get out for a few hours to see what I can uncover.


Welcome to Korea

Fresh off the plane. Posting this from the airport, waiting for the bus.

Watched most of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on the plane. Definitely my kind of film. Cried. Was a great reminder of the kind of person I am. (I no longer say “want to be” because I am living how I want and doing what I want to do.) Sometimes my spirit gets dulled a bit, I lose my edge, and films like Mitty serve as powerful emotional reminders that sharpen me up.

Japan was a bit tough in small recurring ways. I didn’t do everything I wanted to do. I struggled to ask for exactly what I wanted. It was hard to open my mouth. I battled shame and expectations, and wish I had been more vulnerable with others. I intend to do things differently in Korea, and destinations beyond, and when I return to Japan, to do it differently there, too.

Will be a 1.5 hour bus ride into Seoul, a good long time to see this country and city along the way.


Six Month Anniversary

Each month in a different city is just a tease, a taste, a glimpse at what a life there might look like.

I have a big spreadsheet that I use to plan all my nomadic endeavors. Every city has a tab that gets filled up with a list potential activities.

Every time I move I leave behind a big collection of things I didn’t do, places I didn’t visit, people I didn’t get to see just one more time.

And it’s not because I make the list and then just sit on it. I’m out nearly every day and night doing something on the list, and often discovering new things that weren’t on my list and couldn’t have been.

Today is my six month anniversary as a nomad. I’ve lived in four cities.

Tomorrow I move to city number five, Seoul.

I cry every time I move. To me, that’s a sign that I’m doing it right.

Kirin Green Label (AKA The George Clooney Post)

Ads in the JR stations and trains will change over night.

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m on the platform at Shinjuku station.

Wait a minute, what’s this?

Photo Apr 02, 6 20 09

Could it be? Let’s take a picture and zoom in…

Photo Apr 02, 18 54 30

It is!

Photo Apr 02, 18 54 52

It’s my old pal George Clooney! Looks like he’s god a Kirin beer promo going on.

He’s on the train, too!

Photo Apr 02, 23 36 54

Now it’s Wednesday night, I’m heading home, and I want a beer before bed. I stop in the konbini and the Kirin Green Label is now on the shelves. I gotta have one.

Photo Apr 02, 23 59 49

To be honest I don’t know what’s special about this beer. I don’t know what the 70% is about, and it tastes about the same as other Japanese lagers I’ve had.

I’ve been told that Japanese love NEW!! things and companies will frequently put out new products and retire them shortly after in order to keep people engaged with new things.

Photo Apr 03, 0 16 59

Now whenever I see this ad I think he’s looking at the can of Kirin floating near his face and saying “ehhh…. what is going on here? get out of my face.”

Photo Apr 04, 20 18 11

All of this reminds of a track I adore called “Love Song (for a Writer, Producer, Director, and Star)” the by Petrojvic¬†Blasting Company, a Balkan folk band I know from living in LA. Click the link and listen.

You are looking so cute and rough. ‚ô•