Monthly Archives: October 2014

Take Half Away

A few weeks ago I completed a 30-day lifestyle experiment called Take Half Away.

During the experiment, I set aside half of my portion at every meal to eat later. To aid in this endeavor and mitigate my consumption of disposable containers I always carried a reusable to-go container with me. I documented my meals and how I thought and felt throughout the experiment in photographic and written form on the project’s blog.

The project is now complete. You can read the conclusions and browse all of the posts.

By engaging in this portion control experiment I gained valuable awareness into my eating habits. I am more conscious of how I think about food and my body’s relationship to food. My tendency to overeat has been significantly reduced, I eat healthier, and I spend less money on food. Maybe this project will also inspire you to improve your relationship with food!

1-Year Anniversary

Last year on October 18 said “goodbye” to my apartment, moved out, and became a nomad.

It is amazing to look back on the year I’ve lived since that day. I’ve lived in 9 cities across 7 countries. I’ve learned new skills, picked up new hobbies, made new friends, seen new places, and had many adventures. I’ve matured and come to love myself even more. Never have I been so present, nor has time proceeded at such an intentional pace. People say “time flies” and for me it has not. This year has been many years in one.

I succeeded in doing what I set out to do. I completed my itinerary of Portland, Seattle, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, and Bangalore. I made it back to the States for Burning Man. I learned how to plant myself, bootstrap a new life in a new city within a month, then uproot and do it again. This mission was a complete success!

However, my nomadic journey is not over. Stay tuned for Season 2!


First Week in Victoria

Last week I was full-on in “new city mode” – applying everything I learned, all the techniques I developed in the last year I’ve been a nomad – to really dig in to Victoria.

Needless to say, the week was packed. Outside of work, I was often doing multiple things every day. In addition to doing a lot of walking around and exploring on foot, I tried lots of local coffee shops and lunch spots during the daytime, went to a new gastropub practically every night, joined the local climbing gym, attended a tango practica, brewed a batch of beer, practiced piano, went to a haunted house, and participated in TWO potluck/parties.

An epic start.


Seattle to Victoria BC

After a month of decompression* in Seattle I’m bound for a new city again!


Yesterday I crossed the border into Canada. I’ll stay a month with friends in Victoria BC.




Usually when I go to a new city I don’t know anyone. This time is different because it’s a new city in which I already have lots of friends. Will I end up doing less of my usual bootstrapping activities designed to build a new social circle? I expect so. Those efforts will get replaced with investing in the people I already know, something I usually don’t get to do when I’m building a social life in a city from scratch.



* Decompression? Hardly! I returned from Burning Man filled with inspired energy and I barely sat down while I was in Seattle. I started learning to play the piano by taking classes and practicing on my own, ran once a week, meditated and exercised in the mornings, cleaned and organized my possessions, brewed Bushido Brewery’s first batch of beer in a year, rocked Decibel Festival, went on a body ritual camping weekend, started the Take Half Away project, and began climbing and bouldering. Whew!