1-Year Anniversary

Last year on October 18 said “goodbye” to my apartment, moved out, and became a nomad.

It is amazing to look back on the year I’ve lived since that day. I’ve lived in 9 cities across 7 countries. I’ve learned new skills, picked up new hobbies, made new friends, seen new places, and had many adventures. I’ve matured and come to love myself even more. Never have I been so present, nor has time proceeded at such an intentional pace. People say “time flies” and for me it has not. This year has been many years in one.

I succeeded in doing what I set out to do. I completed my itinerary of Portland, Seattle, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, and Bangalore. I made it back to the States for Burning Man. I learned how to plant myself, bootstrap a new life in a new city within a month, then uproot and do it again. This mission was a complete success!

However, my nomadic journey is not over. Stay tuned for Season 2!


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