Daily Archives: 2014-10-29

Take Half Away

A few weeks ago I completed a 30-day lifestyle experiment called Take Half Away.

During the experiment, I set aside half of my portion at every meal to eat later. To aid in this endeavor and mitigate my consumption of disposable containers I¬†always carried a reusable to-go container with me. I documented my meals and how I thought and felt throughout the experiment in photographic and written form on the project’s blog.

The project is now complete. You can read the conclusions and browse all of the posts.

By engaging in this portion control experiment I gained valuable awareness into my eating habits. I am more conscious of how I think about food and my body’s relationship to food. My tendency to overeat has been significantly reduced, I eat healthier, and I spend less money on food. Maybe this project will also inspire you to improve your relationship with food!