Let’s Make Eye Contact

I’m currently in the middle of a lifestyle experiment called Let’s Make Eye Contact.

The premise is simple: every day I invite a stranger to make eye contact with me for 60 seconds.

The project just over four weeks old and the results are AMAZING!

I get to interact with many delightful people. I am surprised over and over again at peoples’ willingness to make eye contact with me and allow their picture to be used on the blog. My ability to do things like approach strangers, face the possibility of rejection, hold conversations with new people, make eye contact, and empathize with others has increased a lot already. I can feel my prejudices and assumptions about people getting massaged away with every new interaction.

Although my commitment to the project was only for 30 days, I am planning to continue to practice this exercise beyond the official completion date. So far, most of my interactions have been in Victoria BC. I intend to take this experiment to other cities, other countries, and other cultures. I want to keep pushing myself to interact with people who I otherwise might not have a reason to engage or know what to say to them. Doing this project brings me such a sense of fulfillment and enrichment that to stop would feel like a great loss – so I don’t plan to stop!

You can follow along with my daily interactions on the Let’s Make Eye Contact blog. The project site also has a gallery of participant portraits that is an absolute treat to browse.

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