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April 21

On April 21, I awoke at 5 AM and typed these notes into my phone before going back to sleep. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I drafted this post and sat on it. Almost 2 months later, I found myself reading these notes again, and I realized that I still agree with all of them. I also realized that perhaps nothing needs to be done with them except push the “Publish” button. Pushed.

  • Don’t hold back.
  • Don’t find reasons not to love someone.
  • You build an image of a person in your head to love while they are away, and sometimes even while they are present.
  • You’ve proven to yourself that you can meet women, and you can do it any time. That ability has brought wonderful women into your life. Don’t throw away the opportunity to enjoy them now that they are here.
  • Don’t scrutinize, analyze or compare someone to others to see if they are good enough. Learn to see them and love them for what they are alone. That’s appreciation.
  • Be positive! If there is a thing to say and you can say it both ways, why not say it the positive way?┬áBe aware of the energy with which you infuse everything.
  • She is not anyone else.
  • Remember compliments!
  • I like her enthusiasm. She makes me want to be enthusiastic. It’s like a challenge. I want to match her level of excitement and interest. She makes it easy for me to like her.
  • I’m not focusing on the future and the potential, as we may never get there. Instead, I am focusing on what I know that is true right now. That’s real, and because it’s now, I can’t be disappointed by unrealized potential. It’s already reality, it’s already true.
  • Don’t develop expectations that a person will do something as soon as you learn that they don’t.
  • Stay away from profanity. It doesn’t make you sound intelligent to other intelligent people.
  • Enough analysis, enjoy!!
  • Negativity sounds cool. Or, you think it does. Where did you learn that?
  • Here.