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Pensieve 1.3 Released!

NEW FEATURE: Send Pictures!

With the latest version of Pensieve you can now take and send pictures!

If you already use Pensieve, update to version 1.3 to use enjoy using the new picture feature.

About Pensieve

Pensieve is an iOS app I created to make it dead simple to email myself. I use it to get stuff out of my head and into my inbox for later processing. Pensieve has no clunky email UI to slow me down, and with this update I can take pictures from within the app and send them to myself.

Pensieve is so useful to me that it’s a free download for everyone. Click the feather below to download Pensieve 1.3 from the App Store. I hope you give it a try and find it useful.

Download Pensieve 1.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free.

Download Pensieve 1.3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free.

Seattle to Victoria BC

After a month of decompression* in Seattle I’m bound for a new city again!


Yesterday I crossed the border into Canada. I’ll stay a month with friends in Victoria BC.




Usually when I go to a new city I don’t know anyone. This time is different because it’s a new city in which I already have lots of friends. Will I end up doing less of my usual bootstrapping activities designed to build a new social circle? I expect so. Those efforts will get replaced with investing in the people I already know, something I usually don’t get to do when I’m building a social life in a city from scratch.



* Decompression? Hardly! I returned from Burning Man filled with inspired energy and I barely sat down while I was in Seattle. I started learning to play the piano by taking classes and practicing on my own, ran once a week, meditated and exercised in the mornings, cleaned and organized my possessions, brewed Bushido Brewery’s first batch of beer in a year, rocked Decibel Festival, went on a body ritual camping weekend, started the Take Half Away project, and began climbing and bouldering. Whew!


I was exploring a natural remedy store on Capitol Hill a few days ago.

One of the employees asked me if I needed help finding anything. I said:

“I’m not looking for anything in particular.”

She replied:

“Then you’re going to find lots of things.”

Oh, I have.


This picture was taken by my friend Lisa in Carmel, CA. Visiting her was my first destination after departing Los Angeles in January.

I’ve been inspired by Steve Jobs’ commencement speech since I first heard it circa 2005/2006. It is one of the handful of motivational media I revisit every so often. I was an undergrad at DigiPen when I first saw his speech, and the life I am living now was nothing but a fantasy that I didn’t know how to pursue, or really even believe was possible.

It was so utterly appropriate, such an obvious omen, to find this at the start of my journey. If you listen to the Universe it will tell you when you’re on the right track. Your track.