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Six Month Anniversary

Each month in a different city is just a tease, a taste, a glimpse at what a life there might look like.

I have a big spreadsheet that I use to plan all my nomadic endeavors. Every city has a tab that gets filled up with a list potential activities.

Every time I move I leave behind a big collection of things I didn’t do, places I didn’t visit, people I didn’t get to see just one more time.

And it’s not because I make the list and then just sit on it. I’m out nearly every day and night doing something on the list, and often discovering new things that weren’t on my list and couldn’t have been.

Today is my six month anniversary as a nomad. I’ve lived in four cities.

Tomorrow I move to city number five, Seoul.

I cry every time I move. To me, that’s a sign that I’m doing it right.

Kirin Green Label (AKA The George Clooney Post)

Ads in the JR stations and trains will change over night.

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m on the platform at Shinjuku station.

Wait a minute, what’s this?

Photo Apr 02, 6 20 09

Could it be? Let’s take a picture and zoom in…

Photo Apr 02, 18 54 30

It is!

Photo Apr 02, 18 54 52

It’s my old pal George Clooney! Looks like he’s god a Kirin beer promo going on.

He’s on the train, too!

Photo Apr 02, 23 36 54

Now it’s Wednesday night, I’m heading home, and I want a beer before bed. I stop in the konbini and the Kirin Green Label is now on the shelves. I gotta have one.

Photo Apr 02, 23 59 49

To be honest I don’t know what’s special about this beer. I don’t know what the 70% is about, and it tastes about the same as other Japanese lagers I’ve had.

I’ve been told that Japanese love NEW!! things and companies will frequently put out new products and retire them shortly after in order to keep people engaged with new things.

Photo Apr 03, 0 16 59

Now whenever I see this ad I think he’s looking at the can of Kirin floating near his face and saying “ehhh…. what is going on here? get out of my face.”

Photo Apr 04, 20 18 11

All of this reminds of a track I adore called “Love Song (for a Writer, Producer, Director, and Star)” the by Petrojvic Blasting Company, a Balkan folk band I know from living in LA. Click the link and listen.

You are looking so cute and rough. ♥


Remember this view from a few days ago?

Photo Mar 27, 7 41 17

Well, I was walking home last night and got the sense that something had changed. This morning, sure enough, behold! Sakura blossoms! Overnight transformation. Beautiful.

Photo Mar 31, 10 09 51

Here’s another before and after view:

Photo Mar 27, 7 44 11

Photo Mar 31, 10 14 09

So, today is Hanami day! More pictures to come.

Photo Diary: Tokyo, Days 1 – 5

My photo diary of Tokyo continues!

Monday Night

Shibuya glows.

Photo Mar 24, 21 18 19

Photo Mar 24, 21 18 23

Photo Mar 24, 21 51 40

First stop on my craft beer tour is Brasserie St. Bernardus in Kanda.

Photo Mar 24, 21 55 18

Photo Mar 25, 0 04 39

The ingredients for ramen:

Photo Mar 25, 0 55 11


Morning, on my way to work. This is Shibuya Crossing. Very quiet before 8 AM on a Tuesday.

Photo Mar 25, 7 49 38

Photo Mar 25, 7 50 14

Tuesday night, time for craft beer. Headed to Goodbeer Faucets, which is conveniently walking distance from my office. They also have happy hour from 17:00 – 20:00 with ¥200 off all pints, which is a sweet deal, especially considering that happy hour really isn’t a thing in Japan!

Photo Mar 25, 21 17 04

Photo Mar 25, 18 34 43Look, a gaijin!

Photo Mar 25, 18 34 47

Walking home. I love small side streets.

Photo Mar 25, 21 29 15

A block from my house. Turn left where the fancy cube streetlights go dark.

Photo Mar 25, 22 15 40

This is how I’m able to travel with Rilakkuma. He has a special hardness so he can be strapped to the outside of a backpack or suitcase and ride along without taking up space inside.

Photo Mar 25, 22 20 06


Was at home most of the day, resting. Went out at night though. Shibuya glow, again, always.

Photo Mar 26, 18 31 21

Photo Mar 26, 18 31 26

Photo Mar 26, 18 33 52

Photo Mar 26, 19 33 39

My friend, Andreas, who I know from Japanese at UCLA! He’s been living in Japan for three years. At long last, we are reunited! We’re so happy and we haven’t even reached the bar yet.

Photo Mar 26, 20 18 56

Tonight’s craft beer adventure is Popeye.

Photo Mar 26, 20 21 41Silly.

Photo Mar 26, 20 32 57

Photo Mar 26, 22 45 03

Popped into a コンビニ on the way home from the bar, found whisky. Those cups on the right are individually packaged shots!

Photo Mar 27, 0 09 57

Photo Mar 27, 0 10 16


Chuo line. First picture faces west, away from the center of Tokyo, second picture faces east.

Photo Mar 27, 7 41 10

Photo Mar 27, 7 41 21

This street runs along the Chuo line tracks.

Photo Mar 27, 7 44 11

I bought a train pass! Cute penguin.

Photo Mar 27, 8 44 05

Had lunch at this place called Stand S.

Photo Mar 27, 12 25 17

The fellow in shorts is cooking me a sausage.

Photo Mar 27, 12 02 23

When I left it was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella, and he gave me one.

Photo Mar 27, 12 02 19

Done with work, time to go out! This time to Ushitora in Shimotakazawa, where I will meet a new friend via OkCupid, and have more craft beer!

Photo Mar 27, 21 33 55

Japanese real ale!

Photo Mar 27, 20 56 23

Oh yes this omu-rice is so good.

Photo Mar 27, 21 53 55

After Ushitora my friend and I return to Shibuya to meet some people at a British pub named The Aldgate. That’s not pictured here, however.

Time to catch the last train with everyone else:

Photo Mar 27, 22 38 47

Shinjuku station is busy.

Photo Mar 28, 0 09 05


Breakfast choices.

Photo Mar 28, 8 36 35

Shibuya is getting a bit busier in the morning now that it’s close to the weekend. Also, I understand that salaried employees get paid around the 25th, so it’s about time to go out and spend that money!

Photo Mar 28, 8 56 36

Time Traveling: Seattle to Tokyo

I made it!

Here’s a storybook summary of the past three days. Captions precede pictures.


This is my “before” shot, pictured with everything I’m taking to Asia for five months.

Photo Mar 23, 2 14 00

Instead of manual window shades the plane had something like digital glass, which enabled the user to adjust the tint by pressing a button! Saturday night was simulated mid-flight by tinting all the windows for a handful of hours. It didn’t fool my body.

Photo Mar 23, 7 45 45

We departed Seattle at 1 PM Saturday and landed in Tokyo at 3 PM Sunday. I was on the plan for about 10 hours elapsed time, but twice that many hours passed as I freaking time traveled.


First sign welcoming me to Japan.

Photo Mar 23, 14 57 40

If you only read English then this sign says “welcome to Japan.” If you read some Japanese then this sign says “welcome back to Japan.” I was not aware of this when I first came here five years ago. I am so glad that I know this now.

Photo Mar 23, 15 03 05

This is the first thing I saw when I exited the Asakusabashi train station, which is the same train station I exited five years ago and took my first steps in Tokyo.

Photo Mar 23, 17 55 53 Photo Mar 23, 17 55 57 Photo Mar 23, 17 56 01

Arrived at my guesthouse (yadoya) in Nakano. This is my room.

Photo Mar 23, 19 34 04

First meal, first beer.

Photo Mar 23, 21 47 37 Photo Mar 23, 21 50 24


06:00 – I am awake. Time for a shower. This is my room in the morning.

Photo Mar 24, 6 56 45

07:00 – This is my neighborhood. I’m on my way to work.

Photo Mar 24, 7 02 54 Photo Mar 24, 7 03 07

08:00 – First breakfast. I got to my office before they opened, so I hung out at a cafe across the street and read a copy of The Stranger that I picked up before leaving Seattle.

Something I love about Japan that I had kind of forgotten: their jazzy cafe music. ♥

Photo Mar 24, 7 58 32

17:00 – This is the view from my 6th floor office in Shibuya!

Photo Mar 24, 16 32 39 Photo Mar 24, 16 31 08

20:00 – Same view at 8 PM. I am about to leave work and head out to a craft beer bar!

Photo Mar 24, 19 46 28

So, yeah, everything is going fine. I freaked out a bit before I left, and that’s OK. It’s part of the process. I blogged about it in order to (1) process it and (2) show that everything isn’t awesome all the time.