Ivar's Adieu



Ivar's Adieu is a lighthearted side-scrolling adventure game starring a bearded, harpoon-toting fisherman named Ivar. Players will control Ivar as they explore the surreal, circular planet he inhabits. The powerful physics engine allows the player to use Ivar's harpoon to interact with the world and its inhabitants in many unique and exciting ways! By attaching the harpoon to objects the player can do all kinds of things, such as:

  • Swing objects around or use them as projectile weapons!
  • Hurl enemies into other enemies and objects to defeat them!
  • Attach the harpoon to clouds and swing from one area to another!

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Joshua Beeler

Josh worked on Ivar's Adieu as a Sophomore at DigiPen Institute of Technology. His interests include physics simulations and applications of physics in games. In his free time Josh also enjoys creating web applications, playing games, and watching Seinfeld, the greatest show of all time. You can visit Josh's website to learn more about him.

Habib Loew

Habib worked on Ivar's Adieu in his second year at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Prior to attending DigiPen, he worked in the information security industry - a career which he left after seven years in order to pursue his passion for making games. While Habib loves programming in general, it's artificial intelligence that draws his interest the most, especially robust AI systems with emergent behaviors that drive gameplay. When he's not coding Habib enjoys playing games of all kinds, reading, cooking, and ballroom dancing with his lovely wife Sarra.

David Siems

David Siems worked on Ivar's Adieu during his Sophomore year at DigiPen Institue of Technology. He has a passion for games, his all time favorite being Marathon by Bungie Studios. Areas of interest include physics and artificial intelligence with an emphasis on using physics to create emmergent gameplay. His favorite letter is Z (pronounced "Zed") and his hobbies include reading, playing games, and dabbling in languages other than C++.